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There are many uses for mirrors. They can open a small room, tell you what you look like, spread light or even dress up an old dingy area. We can also use mirrors to dress up walls or modernize the aesthetics of a kitchen or bathroom. We have a large selection of mirrors that our customers can choose from. There are so many different choices for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, walls, artwork, wardrobes and closets that we can custom cut to your needs: Wall mirrors for your walls or bedrooms, Large mirrors for your fireplace, Mirrors for your living Room. Mirrors for your workout room at home, mirrors for your yoga studio or gym. Commercial Space Mirrors with custom cuts for lights or wall outlets. We have full lengths and Cut Size Mirror Types: Clear Mirror Clear Antique Mirror Bronze Mirror Bronze Antique Mirror Gold Antique Mirror Beveled edge Eased edge Any mirror, any style, any size. When you’re Installing new or replacing mirrors for your commercial or residential property, you need someone that has the expertise and knowledge you need to guide you through the possibilities and find the perfect solution. The Glaziers are your trusted answer in mirrors’ design, installation and affordable prices.